"Poetry itself demands 'life' of me. Every intersection would lead me right to it if I were to ignore the pull. It's a spiritual tugging that demands I give, give of the thoughts that flow in my veins, feeling my path through life in verses"


From a very early age, Shola knew language would play a significant role in her life. Her passion for writing stories, plays, poetries, and speaking to influence perceptions started from age eight; she wrote her first book at thirteen and has never looked back since then. On her lips, poetry gives rhythm to silence and brings light to the dark. Shola uses words, her gift of introspection, and intuition to dig to the core of societal issues and magically weave metaphors to simplify complexities, driving home deeper meanings into the hearts of her listeners. On her tongue, language is a healing force. She uses her deep insights to inspire herself and others so all can rise to their limitlessness. With her, Poetry is a pulls into the embrace of healing, possibilities, and expansion.

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