Oftentimes, many coaches say they became a coach to help others or to serve humanity.

I became a coach for myself first!

It was a calling that started with me embarking on an ongoing journey that began in 2015 and subsequently grew into me wanting to support others in their own growth and becoming. 

The more I focus on my growth and healing, the more I learnand develop my inherent coaching skills by practicing on myself and those around me, as somehow, I happen to be the one people come to for advice and brainstorming sessions. I had been coaching for a while before realizing it's called 'Coaching.' - Shola


Coaching with Shola Amaraibi is an introspective door opening that excavates one's deepest desires, facilitates emotional healing, and charts a path to the desired outcome. Shola forms a creative partnership that expedites change for people as she guides them through a series of transformational experiences that impacts them at their core and moves them wholistically towards their goals. She is a deep listener and introspectively opens her clients up to new possibilities, clarifies bottom lines, and shifts perspectives, thus collaborating with them to create a personalized plan of action designed to help them achieve their desired specific outcomes. Her interest in Psychology, Faith, and well-being pulled her on a journey of healing over the past 7 years as she dealt with challenges that showed her the limitless possibilities we possess when we harness the power of the mind

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