The Poetry Experience "Elevate"

Transcend the noise, Elevate!

More than ever in our busy world, it’s so easy to lose touch with our deepest core. We go through the motions, trapped by barriers seen and unseen. But what if there was a way to break free and ignite your powerful essence? 'Elevate' offers a pathway to do just that.


The poetry experience "Elevate" is a mission to raise consciousness and promote healing through the power of poetry. It is an unusual blend of music, poetry, dance and stage adaptation of my works.


These works cover themes on life, love, nation building, healing, evolving and taking a stand against oppression. ‘Elevate’ honors our differences and empowers the voiceless through the transcendent art of poetry.


This intimate poetry experience is a revelation!



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For enquires and more information please call: +234 814 660 2813